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A unique opportunity to do business with your clients and interact with great experts and professionals from the technological, industrial and business sectors. All this in a completely virtual, immersive environment that will allow you to live an almost real trade show experience.

In Airmob Expo Virtual Edition you can generate leads, interact with potential customers, participate in and attend to conferences in the same way that you would in the real world, but without leaving your home and without additional expenses.

Smart Mobility

The Mobility of the Future goes beyond the on-ground mobility as it reaches the third dimension. Smart Mobility is mobility in three dimensions.

Airmob Expo is a multidisciplinary meeting that shares the experiences of terrestrial mobility achieved in the Smart City by autonomous vehicles and the new trends in Smart Mobility in urban and interurban areas, so that they can be extrapolated to the 3rd dimension through the use of electric personal vertical take-off aircrafts (eVTOL), enhancing the development of ecological, sustainable, safe and accessible devices for everyone.

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World’s most innovative proposals in air mobility and air robotics.

Air mobility

The future of sustainable aviation goes through electric aviation, whether urban, interurban or rural, which does not pollute and is sustainable with the environment. This is the perfect scenario to present the most innovative ideas of the entire value chain in the following sections:

  • eVTOL & Air Taxis
  • Urban Air Mobility (UAM)
  • Sustanaible Air Mobility (SAM)

air robotics

Aerial robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are emerging technologies with a large number of potential applications that interact in all fields of the aerospace sector and extend to Artificial Intelligence and Simulation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Laser LIDAR systems and more, creating an ecosystem of companies that benefits each other:

  • UAVs, RPAs & Professional Drone Applications
  • Last Mile & Logistics
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Simulation; VR & AR
  • Supporting platforms (loading, landing, services…)

3D smart mobility

Smart Mobility is presented as a great opportunity to optimize and improve the planning and efficient operation of transport systems. The challenge lies in the integration of intelligent mobility systems, both ground and air. It is 3D Smart Mobility.

  • Autonomous vehicles & navigation
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Cargo transportation
  • Extension of cargo delivery network

NAV & COM Systems

A great opportunity to establish important links between companies that develop land and air navigation and communication systems. The goal is that the technological efforts to make autonomous navigation systems and secure location, along with the latest advances in the area of 5G, satellital communications and cybersecurity will have a space to converge.


  • Autopilot systems
  • Satellites & Aerospace
  • Navigation
  • GNSS & GPS
  • ATM & UTM
  • 5G Communications Network


Themes & Topics at the Airmob Congress 2020.

I. evtol & air taxis

Electric or hybrid vertical take-off and landing.

II. urban mobility (UAM)

Urban air mobility includes urban transportation systems. These transport solutions were developed in response to traffic congestion.

III. Sustainable Air Mobility

Sustainable mobility in all areas in which it can be developed.

IV. Propulsion
  • Electric Propulsion architecture
  • Electric motors for UAV and UAM
  • Propellers
  • Energy recovery systems
V. NAV & COM systems.
Aerospace Technologies
  • Autopilot systems
  • Satellites and aerospace
  • Navigation
  • GNSS & GPS
  • ATM & UTM
  • 5G communications network
  • Air traffic control (ATC) communications
VI. Infrastructures
  • Electrolines
  • Vertical ports
  • Exchargers
VII. Battery & energy storage

Future (e)-Mobility Demand
Energy Storage System
Solar Panels
Harvesting Energy
Battery Technologies

VIII. Regulation

Certification processes and current laws in the air mobility sector (UTM and ATM).

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board of Advisors

Guillermo Villabrille Prades

Chief Operations Officer @ Airmob Expo
Founder and Director of the Technology Base Company Prades R&D. Expert in fluid mechanics and aero-dynamics, designer of eVTOL aircraft and aerotaxis.

Israel Quintanilla

Area Manager @ Airmob Expo
Professor in Aerospace Engineering and Geomatics. Head of Master in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (MUAS-UPV).


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